Eagle Scout Completes Project at Old Davie Schoolhouse

By Debby Teich

Eighteen-year old Ethan Richards of Davie is on his way to sharing a prestigious title with notables like Neil Armstrong, Michael Bloomberg, Gerald R. Ford, Bill Gates Sr., James A. Lovell Jr. and many others. He recently received his Eagle rank from Troop #128.

Ethan joined the Boy Scouts of America when he was in first grade and has been working his way toward becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the program. Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges, as well as completing an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages.

He got the idea for his project after talking with Leslie Schroeder, Director of the Old Davie Schoolhouse. She suggested a variety of projects and his was on the list. Ethan constructed two large boards suspended by wooden columns with a metal roof overhead. His project is now used to pin papers and maps that have detailed information about the surrounding area for people that are on the walking tour of the museum.

“My Eagle project taught me how difficult it can be to juggle financing a project and meeting a deadline at the same time,” said Ethan.

To fund the project, Ethan reached out to friends and family who donated over $1,400. The construction took approximately one week. His parents, as well as four scouts from his troop – Brandon Owen, Richy Bury, Nick Wagner and Devin Dolan – helped him complete the construction. They dug three-foot holes, inserted the wooden columns and steadied them with cement. Next, they built the roofs and lifted them into place on the columns. Lastly, the bolted in the roof and front boards and painted the structure. Ethan’s Scoutmaster, Rick Putman, and Assistant Scoutmaster, Robert Johnson, were also instrumental in helping him earn his Eagle rank. After the project was completed, Ethan presented it at a Town of Davie Council Meeting.

Ethan will graduate from high school this year and plans to study fine arts. He intends to stay involved with the troop, helping with projects and events.

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